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TEDDY BEARS!  (at left, and scroll down for more photos)

Usually Teddy Bears, which are a cross between a Shih Tzu and a pointy-nosed purebreed, such as poodle, or a Bichon Frise, are white with either black or gold "points":  ears, masks, and body patches.  They are renown for their good-natured, happy-go-lucky personalities, their sweet, loving dispositions, and their generally sturdy health.  Their hair is generally wavy.  A Shih Tzu and a Yorkshire Terrier can produce Teddy Bears if the resulting mixed breed puppy looks more like a Shih Tzu (if the resulting puppy is more like a Yorkie, then the resulting mixed breed puppy is a Shorkie).

Why do we cross-breed purebred dogs to produce a hybrid?  

One reason is specifically to eliminate the undesirable traits of a breed.  For example, many Shih Tzu dogs have such flat, squashed noses that they have trouble breathing and snore loudly.  The wrinkling of the flat nose is prone to excema, rashes and fungus.  The breed also tends to short legs with the tummy almost dragging on the ground in some cases, making them less able to take long walks or run for any distance.  

When cross-bred to a poodle, a breed with a pointy nose, the resulting Teddy Bear has a nose that is not flat, nor pointy--it has the adorable squashed look but the nose is actually shaped away from the face, so that the breathing and skin problems are eliminated.  Also, the poodle's long legs are incorporated into the Teddy Bear, with  resulting longer, more athletic legs. 


Same physical description as Teddy Bears, with an important difference.  Occasionally, we are able to obtain a Bichon Frise which has been crossed with a poodle, known as a PooChon and generally white in color.  One of the owners of Precious Puppies, Ariana, has her own female PooChon named Popcorn (in fact, her baby photograph as a new puppy, being brought home, is on our "home" page, under the words "home based again").  PopCorn has had one litter of three male Teddy Poo Bears and we are waiting for her to be bred soon (fall of 2012) for her second litter of Teddy Poo Bears.

When a PooChon is bred to a Shih tzu, the color range of the resulting Teddy Poo Bears is enlarged to encompass occasionally having a puppy or two in the litter which has a golden body with white points.  These golden Teddy Poo Bears are rare and prized!  Often while our PooChon is pregnant, deposits will be left so that the new owners will have "first pick" of the litter in case there might be a rare golden Teddy Poo Bear, which is invariably chosen first for its forever home.  An example of a rare golden Teddy Poo Bear is the first puppy below. We've even experienced a VERY rare black or a brindle Teddy Poo Bear (see slide show below).