Precious Puppies - Family raised small breed puppies


Mostly, we have Yorkshire Terriers and French Bulldoggies.  However, a friend also has gorgeous mixes.  Following are photos to illustrate these different doggies.  Not all may be available.

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BUGG (Boston Terrier/Pug mixed breed)  

Not hypo-allergenic nor non-shedding, these short-coated charmers will steal your heart!  Very cuddley, playful, loving.  We very rarely have them, so act quickly when we offer these sweeties.


Small dogs with a compact build, these squashy-faced dogs are loving and affectionate.  Their coat is short and shiny, their ears upright.  They are born with little tiny stumpy tails.  They have large, black, round eyes (that do NOT "bulge" like the eyes of pugs).  "Flat" faced dogs with very short septums/noses, they do not do well in hot weather, preferring to be in shade or air conditioning, and they are reputedly not swimmers.  They do not need great amounts of exercise, making them good apartment dwellers.  They are alert and attentive, and very sweet. Adults are usually average 20-25 pounds.

Ours are all AKC (American Kennel Club) purebred doggies.  When puppies leave for their Forever Homes, they generally have AKC papers (unless we are still awaiting receipt from AKC) with "limited" registration, meaning that they cannot be used to breed AKC-registered puppies.  

Gorgeous creamy light fawn sire, AKC BlakeRock Andrew, now standing at stud for our females.   He is playful, affectionate, friendly.
Most fawns are a tan color, often with a grayish stripe down their backs and dark ears, but Andrew is actually a cream that happens to have a little bit of a dark muzzle, thus technically a "fawn" Frenchie.

Again, this is BlakeRock Andrew, with his usual happy smile.

Our dear BlakeRock Pippa, an  AKC blonde fawn French Bulldog with an especially loving and calm personality.  Her whole body is blonde with black-tinged ears, a very pretty black muzzle and dramatically black eyes.

BlakeRock Pippa's litter of gorgeously-colored bulldogs (sired by our BlakeRock Andrew). 

Scroll down for a few more photos of our Pippa.

Retired as a "greeter" at a large garden shop, AKC French Bulldog BlakeRock Maggie, showing off her almost-ready-to-deliver pregnant belly!  She's piebald (white with black points), and is the mother of BlakeRock Rose (retired as a therapy dog) and BlakeRock MaggieKate. 

Retired BlakeRock MountBatten, an AKC French Bulldog sire.  Handsome, with a spectacularly square head, he has an unusually calm and loving pesonality and was the center of attention for our females!  He is now retired to a loving family with two little boys.

Retired AKC French Bulldog male, Stud Muffin, retired.  He is a light blonde ("fawn")  with black-pointed muzzle.  He is very friendly.

Leaping is Pippa, an AKC fawn French bulldog

Left is retired white/cream AKC French bulldog  Camilla (now in her Forever Home).

Our gorgeous blue AKC French Bulldog, BlakeRock Misty Blue.  She is quite small, and is very playful and loving, with a sunny and lively disposition.  Now retired to a loving Forever Home.

Left is one of Maggie's pied
sons, a spectacularly colored pied fella and below, Pippa, our pretty fawn Frenchie when she was a puppy. 

MALTESE Terriers (purebred)

Adorable pure white long-haired little darlings, hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.  They are very loving and make great companion dogs, always wanting to be on your lap or beside you.  They have short pointed black noses and large, round, shining black eyes.  A classic presentation of Maltese Terriers is long body hair, hanging straight to the ground, and their head hair pulled up atop their foreheads;  this entails a great deal of daily grooming.  A popular alternative is a shorter coat, shown in the photos of our Luvey.  Maltese tend to be quite small.  Our dear AKC Maltese, Luvey, is a good example of the breed, being 6 pounds. 

This is our dear Luvey, an AKC purebred Maltese female, now retired to her Forever Home.

Maltese Luvey is a sweetie!

Here, Luvey is clipped short for the summer

MALTI POO  (Maltese/Poodle Mixed Breed)

This is the look of the purebred Maltese with a more wavy coat, a calmer disposition, and also less costly.  These little doggies are about 6-8 pounds as adults.  They are playful and affectionate.  Mostly hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.

(mixed breed:  Shih Tzu bred to a Poodle/Bichon Frise)

Affectioate, good-natured Teddy Poo Bear puppies  are hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.  They are playful, loving and great family dogs.  Their adult weight is approximately 6-10 pounds.   

(mixed breed:  poodle/Bichon Frise)

A very popular little doggie, the adults are generally 8-10 pounds.  They are mostly-hypoallergenic and non-shedding.  They are affectionate and playful and usually white.

Popcorn                         Popcorn again

MORKIES (Maltese/Yorkshire Terrier mixed breed)

This is a tiny mixed breed because it is the combination of two very small breeds:  a Maltese Terrier (the little white doggies) with a Yorkshire Terrier (traditionally blue/black body with gold head and legs), so their face features the pointy, cute nose of their parents.  Loving, playful, mostly hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.  Adult weight 4-6 pounds approximately.  They
have pointy faces, like their parents.  Sometimes they have erect  ears (like Yorkies), sometimes folded ears (like Maltese)

(mixed breed: Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier) 

These darling, good-natured puppies are a mixed breed of a Shih Tzu mother and a Yorkshire Terrier father, so they have a semi-squashy face.  Hyo-allergenic and non-shedding, they are playful, loving and great family dogs!     Adult generally weight 6-8 pounds.  

Near the top of this page, there's a photo of a chocolate Shorkie, the right one of the two top photos.  It is "chocolate" in color because its nose is brown instead of black.

TEDDY BEARS  (Shih Tzu bred to either a poodle, Bichon Frise or Maltese)

The most popular of all the small family doggies, they are loving and playful, mostly hypo-allergenic and non-shedding.  They have wavy, easy-care hair, and semi-squashy faces.  They leave for their Forever Homes almost right away, so don't dawdle if Teddy Bears are posted as "available"


Mostly-hypoallergenic and non-shedding, these toy doggies have perky, upright ears and foxy little faces.

Originally developed as a breed on farms in Yorkshire, England, these brave dogs were trained to go down into tunnels leading to rats' nests to exterminate the rodents.  So that rats could not seize them by their long tails, the farmers "docked" the tails, creating a signature "look" that continued until recent enlightenment and a politically-correct trend back to a natural appearace for dog breeds.  Happily, many York's now sport their naturally long tails, from which trail their beautiful long hair like a gorgeous flag.

Yorkies were traditionally doggies with golden heads and legs, with a black or silver body.  Now, Yorkies are also available as "Parti" (partially-colored), in which the body is mostly white, or as "chocolate", with a light brown nose and all-over rose gold or rust colored hair.

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Gorgeous Chocolate Yorkie, BlakeRock Dumpling
(with full, natural tail!)

Traditional color:  
BlakeRock Phillip