Precious Puppies - Family raised small breed puppies

We are located in Middletown, New York

Our puppies are mostly Yorkshire Terriers, non-shedding, mostly hypoallergenic (the only exception is our French bulldogs, which have a traditional coat).  We also feature the doggies of our friend Sue, who offers Teddy Bears, Malti Poos and Yorkie Poos.  Our selection is very limited.  

Before you consider our puppies, consider the many deserving available animals at shelters.

DOCKING/CROPPING.  Luckily, French Bulldoggies are born with naturally short tails.  We do not believe in ear-cropping and tail docking, which is purely cosmetic and unnecessary. In most of Europe, tail docking and ear cropping is now illegal, and many states in the USA have or are enacting those laws.  We do not dock tails, even for Yorkshire Terriers (their full tails are gorgeous--check out photos of Bessie, our Parti Yorkie mommie), and once you are used to the "different" look, you will love having a "fully tailed" doggie and your friends will envy your modern (and humane) stance.

LIMITED REGISTRATION.  Our purebred dogs sold are generally sold WITHOUT registration papers, or if you want registration papers, then with "limited" (meaning none of their puppies can be registered) pedigree registration papers and are required to be neutered BEFORE we release the registration papers to you.  If the purebred is an extremely small female, no paperwork whatsoever will be provided in order to discourage breeding of a female that is too small to safely give birth to puppies.  Thus, in most cases, your male puppy must be about twelve months and your female puppy might be a bit younger before your veterinarian will perform the neutering surgery.  You must provide a written certificate or a veterinarian's bill marked "paid" that indicates the surgery and specifies the pupppy.  This information will be verified before limited registration documents are mailed.

WE DO NOT SELL DOGS FOR BREEDING PURPOSES EXCEPT RARELY.  Wanting to have another doggie of the same temperament/look/bloodlines of your dog is NOT a good reason to breed your dog, and it is vastly cheaper to simply purchase another puppy of that bloodline.  Breeding is not simply "letting the dogs do what comes naturally" and then getting a perfect littler of puppies.  Tracking progesterone cycles, monitoring gestation, having a veterinarian-supervised birth, and the often 24/7-care required for newborn and very-young puppies who might require bottle or tube feeding is very costly in terms of time and money, and benefits from the presence of experienced breeders and veterinarians.  If you are able to convince us of your ability to provide adequately for a safe delivery subject to a verifiable veterinarian's reference as to your past performance to provide whatever is needed for the health of your animals, then and in that case, we MIGHT provide "unlimited" AKC papers for your purebred dog.  In all cases, this includes an extra expense over and above the cost of your pet's purchase price, which is generally equivalent to the purchase price of a puppy of the best coloring of that breed.

Our puppies are released to their Forever Homes with a veterinarian's certificate of good health, their vaccine/worming records, wee wee pads, a sample of their food, and the NYS documentation package.  If we have a suitable size available, your puppy will also be wearing a new harness and leash.

There are occasionally adult dogs available for a small price to reimburse us for veterinary care, original purchase price, sometimes neutering, etc.  

Delivery is possible for a cost plus expenses (tolls, gas, and required parking)

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